About Me...

A Christian Minister. An Artist. Finding blessing and invitation from God in both.
Journey of the Magi, 1
I'm an ordained minister of the United Reformed Church (URC) in the UK. Currently I serve as the Principal of Westminster College, Cambridge. This is one of the three centres the URC operates to train and support lay and ordained people from across our congregations and the wider Church internationally.

I'm also active as an artist. Most of my art is either oil on canvas, often to a large scale, or charcoal on paper. I love the depth of colour that oil gives me, and the ways in which it can be manipulated to create textures and to allow colours and tones to blend and mingle. And I delight in the immediacy of charcoal drawing; of taking something as simple as burnt wood and relishing the marks and hints it can shape. It is so fragile, yet creates images of such substance.

I've used art for may years in leading worship, teaching and spiritual formation. I regularly teach one of our Masters modules exploring the delightful and evocative connections between art and theology. I often help students develop their own thinking on the visual arts and theology, and speak at conferences and local church events on these topics. You'll see that much of my art flows from faith, the Bible and the wonders of God's creation that constantly inspire and challenge me.